The transactability of crypto, the safety of gold.

Project details

Miner49 is a utility token that tokenizes the service of gold mining while providing the safety of gold to make trades.


  1. Build a sophisticated brand experience.
  2. Design a new identity system.
  3. Create a design system for the token swap UI.
  4. Build out the new front-end in vue.

Miner49 quickly became one of our favorite teams to work with. We were tasked with refactoring the companies identity, brand and web3 swap app. While exploring the brand and identity, we simultaneously dove into the design system and implementations within their vue app.

After a few rounds of research and ideation, we created a clean, modern UI and UX delivering the user a robust dashboard experience and token swap interface.

We completely renovated their front-end, ripping out vuetify and replacing it with a custom SASS system complete with scalable typography, light and dark modes and global utility classes. In addition, we rebuilt each component and refactored the state managment using VueX.

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